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Our Process

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Medical Interface Solutions

1. Thinking And planning

The gathering of healthcare data can make it possible to do things we could only imagine in the past.  Consider the information that EMS crews have available to them on a run.

Now consider sharing that information with ED to the specialty-care units (e.g., cardiac cath labs, trauma center, stroke center, ICU, etc.) all in real-time.

Not only is exchanging this information important, but EMS applications are becoming more robust and the efforts to standardize EMS data of the years allows such information to be useful in these areas as well:

Mobile Intergrated Healthcare

Training and Development

Evaluation of Patient Outcomes

Improved Reporting

Quality Assurance

Appropriate Intervention

Geographic Patterns

Lower Total Cost

2. Implementation & Development

Our developers have already created several workflows for current EMS vendor applications.  This means that there are no design costs for building an integration that is already in use.

Once our application is setup. Our architects will work closely with you to test the incoming connection.  If the connection is successful, information sharing between our cloud engine and EMS application will begin.

Not only will your organization be able to send healthcare information to any EMR.  Your organization can also receive healthcare information back.

The data is sent by AES 256 bit TLS double encryption. There is no need for the data to be stored.  The data will be in transit from client to end-point, and if there is no connection, then the information will send later when the link becomes available.  This is to eliminate any security issues.

3. Support

Medical Interface Solutions prides itself on being accessible, knowledgeable and thorough. We feel our clients are the key to our success and the foundation of our company.

Our support team brings a variety of technical services to your agency.  We are here to guide and familiarize you with the exchange of healthcare information.

Our team is available 24×7 through the implementation period.

Post Implementation; Monday through Friday, normal business hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time).

If you need to open a support ticket.  Contact us at support@medicalinterfacesolutions.com and we’ll follow up with as soon as possible.